What's available?

TwitterScope currently monitors a few topics. A version that allows user to input any keywords is available internal within AT&T. Click on a topic on the right to learn about the topic. Note that since Internet Explorer does not fully support html5 canvas, TwitterScope does not work on IE. Chrome (best), Safari, Firefox all work well.

How to use it?

Click on a topic on the right. Then you can either just leave it in a passive mode like a screen saver, or mouse over a tweet in a country of interest to see the tweet itself. Click on a tweet will give you a menu where you can follow the link, retweet, go to the particular Twitter site, or save the tweet. Mouse over the time series graph to see topics at the time, and click on the time series to take you to the past. Type a word in the "track" box and hit return to track that word overtime.

General Keyword Search

Click here.